About our company

Our firm was established in 2001 in Kapuvár as its premise with the aim of offering sylvicultural service for the forest owners of the region.

In 2003 our range of business activities was expanded significantly. Besides the trade of forestal wood products, we launched the sawmill industrial processing of them and by this the trade of sawmill industrial products as well. To support that, a new premise was established in Iván.

The company of Holz-Fa Ltd. is a family owned enterprise with 50 employees. The leaders of the company (two forestry engineers, a timber industrial engineer and an economist) are at the same time the owners of the firm as well.

In our wood-mill the sawmill industrial raw material of acacia is processed most of all that is to be found in the Western Hungarian region. Our products such as timber, acacia posts and columns are equally well known in the domestic and foreign markets.

Our plant is constantly expanded and modernised in order to manufacture products of higher quality and in larger quantity. Over the years, two successful tenders have helped us with that as well.

Our company is the biggest acacia processing company of Western Hungary, located 100 km from Vienna.

For our wood-mill in Iván, we are constantly purchasing sawmill industrial raw material of acacia throughout the year.