Infrastructural Investment on the Premise of Holz-Fa Ltd.
Within the frames of New Széchenyi Plan, Economy Developmental Operative Programme and with the tender for Complex Corporate Technology Development for Micro-, Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises, our company has received a non-repayable grant of 7.22 million Forints. 85 per cent of that support originates from the Regional Development Fund of the European Union whereas 15 per cent derives from the Hungarian central budget.
The total project cost is 29.91 million Forints, from which sum 1 piece of Fabbri 120 CV boiler and 1 piece of Fabbri 85 CV boiler have been purchased; furthermore, the construction and restructuring works of the wood-mill have been realized as well.

Technology Development at Holz-Fa Ltd.

Holz-Fa Ltd. has won a non-repayable grant of 5.484.930 Forints within the frames of the tender New Széchenyi Plan, Technology Development for Micro-, Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises. From the investment with the total cost of 13.712.325 Forints, the purchasing of a horizontal whipsaw and the platform for handling the tree trunks belonging to it has been realised.