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For your information we would like to assure you that all personal data (name, e-mail address, telephone number, company name, website and content of the message) given during the use of the website are used and stored in compliance with the laws of privacy policy.

At the same time, in case of services abuse or other suspicion of crime, HOLZ-FA FAIPARI LTD. reserves all rights to provide personal data of the website user to relevant authorities.

Providing data is voluntarily, not obligatory.

We store and use your data provided on the website exclusively for keeping contact and statistics.

HOLZ-FA FAIPARI LTD. states that all data, information and facts provided by the website users are kept confidentially without revealing them to a third party. Those data (name, address and telephone number) are exempted that are indispensable for the dispatch of our products and thus given to the transporter.

The data provided by the website users are monitored only to a certain extend; the only person responsible for the credibility of the given data is exclusively the provider.

HOLZ-FA FAIPARI LTD. takes all necessary measures to keep your data safe, however, does not take responsibility for the damage, destruction or unauthorised treatment of the data due to technical failure, natural disaster or criminal offence.

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